Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brothers, Baseball, and Busted Teeth

In the 100 degree weather we took the boys to

Somehow both boys ended up with the #2 jersey this year - I love it!

The players all get to walk around the infield
and get their picture on the JUMBO SCREEN
as they cross home plate!

Is there anything more fun than
sitting on "home run hill",
watching a baseball game,
eating chips, hot dogs, and peanuts,
and sweating to death in the heat?

On this day the kids would have rather been no where else!

Judging by the amount of garbage we had
it looks like a successful night at the ball field!
(I even got my cotton candy)

Can't wait until next year when we get to do it all over again!

Kristopher's team had a game against their parents last week. . .

Just look at those moms and dads (and big brothers)

I decided to help the T-ballers out just a little!

And if you think the parents showed any mercy on those little 5 year olds you are mistaken.
Just look at Kyle getting Kristopher out as he ran to first base!
(and look at the dad in the background who is not shy about his enthusiasm over the out)

And just so this guy doesn't feel left out. . .
He's been working hard all season long - giving his best - 
and having a great season!


So our Memorial Weekend was not without a trip to the ER and an emergency trip to the DENTIST. . .
You see Kristopher had two teeth knocked out!
And yes it was by his older brother and yes it was an accident!

Here is the damage after the trip to the ER when the doctor there didn't dare pull the teeth out for fear of damaging the gum line too bad.

(You should have seen it when blood was dripping down from his face - all over my carpet I should add)

That's one tooth - uprooted and sideways!

And here is what Kris looks like now after an emergency trip to the Dentist where he had to take a scalpel and cut away the tooth from the gum line.

Of course Kristopher was a trooper  - as expected - he didn't even flinch!

And there you are updated on our life full of brotherly love, baseball, and busted teeth!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A date with 2 boys. . .

A few weeks ago I went on a date with these two. . .

And we went to see this play put on by Kale's school!

And it was soooo good!
It took all I had to not break into song

And then we ended our date with

I think we all had a fun night.
Except it really took me back to my dating years when . . .

I did the asking out
I planned the date
I paid for the date
and the date usually wanted to be with someone else. . .

you see half way through the play Kale leaned over and said
"it would be a lot funner if dad were here"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don't tell me kids don't get excited over 79 cents . . .

Because this kid was sure excited over 79 cents.
In fact he is sure he is rich now.
Just ask him. He'll tell you.

And all because of this . . .

Why does it not surprise me that Kris would lose his "baby" teeth so early?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

THE DENT . . .

This should be a story about how our van ended up with a huge DENT in the back. . .

But the story is really about one of those days
where you hope no one meets you for the first time.

OK - I like to think I'm kinda hip - 
I mean I know I'm not the most gorgeous mom,
or the richest mom,
or the mom with the most style.
I'm not the mom who picks her kids up from school in designer jeans and high heels with the brand name purse flung over her shoulder talking on an I-phone,
but I'm not wearing a flower moo moo either.

So. . . I know you are asking already -
What does this have to do with the DENT?

OK so last week Grandma and Grandpa were out of town
so I took Kristopher and Karalyn over to water the plants in their backyard - 
now if you don't know Grandma and Grandpa's backyard let's just say -
Grandpa has 99% of the backyard on a drip system and it still takes us at least a half hour to water all the other flowers and plants in the backyard.
So worth the 30 minutes to spend time basking in the beauty!

So we are watering the backyard - 
and in the process we are having so much fun we start watering ourselves.
Karalyn had her own little watering can and loved dumping water in the mud and watching the water (now mud) splash back up onto her legs.
Kristopher and I even made a little mud hole and started stomping our feet in it!
We had so much fun!

So by the time we were done - you can imagine we were a little wet and a lot dirty.
After rinsing off their feet I decided their little legs could wait until we got home - after all we were headed straight home - who cares if they were a little dirty?
And who cares that the wonderful mom I am didn't pack an extra diaper and Kara's was sagging pretty much down to her ankles at this point.


Well, we needed gas. In fact we needed gas so badly - that I had Kristopher say a little prayer when we got into the car that we would make it to the gas station.

I filled up that Mini-Van and headed out of the gas station thinking to myself. . .
"I have had the best day. I just spent almost 2 hours playing with my kids with no interruptions - no phone ringing - no impulses to go put a load of laundry in - nothing - just FUN!"

WHEN . . . you guessed it BANG!

I look back and sure enough there is a GIGANTIC truck attached to my bumper.

I make eye-contact with the guy and motioned that I was going to pull over to the right hand side of the road - so when the light turned green I pulled over to the right  - and you better believe he peeled off to the LEFT!

I was stunned.

Now at this point you are thinking -
she followed the guy right?
I had no cell phone - Kyle was in trial and took our cell phone to work with him - so following him would have done no good.

So, I am standing outside my car looking around desperately to see if anyone saw what happened - but no.

So I'm thinking I guess I'll just drive home.
But then I'm thinking for insurance purposes I want to cover all my bases.

So can you see where this is going yet?

I drive my dented van back into the gas station parking lot,
get my very dirty, grumpy children out of the car,
I start crying,
and I head to the PAY PHONE to call someone.

Did you know that pay phones are now 75 cents?
75 cents!

So with my dirty, wet, grumpy children
I head into the gas station to buy a pack of gum with the hopes I can get cash back with quarters.

(I even mustered a yes without tears - when the gas station attendant asked if we were OK)

So after a panicked phone call to Marissa (thank you for being home)
she made a call to the local police station and told them where I was.
(saving me 75 cents)
I gave her the phone number that was on the pay phone so she could call me back
and the waiting began. . .

Yep  - with my dented van, and my dirty children, and my emotional self we were waiting by a pay phone for it to RING!

To make this story short - 
police came -
took statement - 
gave me little hope that "man with gigantic truck" would ever be caught -
I said thank you - 
and took my dirty, grumpy, tired, soggy, and (mad that she couldn't play with the nasty pay phone) children home!

So there you have it.
The story.
I can just imagine what people were thinking of me that day.

especially that old lady who couldn't stop staring at us while Kara was having a screaming kicking meltdown - I bet she had some especially choice thoughts for me -
 if she only knew - 
I'm usually a kinda hip mom!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My kids and how they keep me busy . . .

I was going through my pictures the other day
and it made me realize how busy, crazy, and fun our life is.

So here is a little recap of what each of my kids has been up to:


Of course baseball is keeping him busy
(here he is getting a pep talk from dad)
By the way - this picture melts me.

When he's not playing baseball
he's eating me out of house and home.
(This is actually his birthday dinner - he chose Carmelita's)

And how does he work up that appetite?
By wrestling non stop with his brother.

But this is what Kale has been dealing with for the past few days. . .
A mosquito bite on his eyelid!
I wish I could say it looks worse than it is - 
but it has made my little man very miserable these past few days.
Not only can he not see out of his eye - but it itches constantly!


Like his brother he is still busy with baseball!
(And still loving every second of it!)

Kris put on an amazing Mother's Day Program at Preschool for me!

We also took a trip to Folsom Zoo with his class!

But most of all Kristopher just keeps us laughing!
A few Sunday's ago I walked down the stairs to find this happening in my family room. . .


She doesn't feel left out one bit by all this baseball going on!

These days I always know where Karalyn is because she drags THIS around with her everywhere she goes!

This is her new little trick. . .
It looks like she ate a good dinner right?
I mean everything is off her tray. . .

Look closer!
Ah - there's all her food.

I've never had to beg my kids to eat

But most of all she keeps me busy by growing up
and getting more beautiful every day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

So my day started out with
breakfast in bed. . .
(Kale insisted he take my picture)

And my 3 favorite things
from my 3 favorite kids!

And my husband surprised me with
I have wanted one since we moved into this house
and I finally got it.
It's planted right outside our dining room window.
I can't wait to watch it grow and blossom!

And who wouldn't want this for dinner?
Yum. Yum.

So I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I will admit there have been some Mother's Days where I have wanted "a break" from my mom duties. I always have thought it a bit ironic that the day motherhood is celebrated we as mothers want nothing to do with being a mom.

But this Mother's Day was different for me.
I wanted to be surrounded by my kids.
We read books today.
We played a game today.
We took a family walk today.
We wrestled, and played and laughed today.
Today was a good day.

While I was in Utah last week I got to go see my mother.
It had been a long time since I was there last and I was surprised at the comfort I felt just being there.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Father and Sons. . .


It's 6:45 pm
I waved goodbye to the boys. . .
fed the girl some dinner. . .
and gave her a bath . . .
and now she's in bed. . .
and I'm. . .
going to do absolutely NOTHING!

(OK I told myself I would take one hour and get anything around the house done  - like wiping down the kitchen cabinet handles - but after one hour it is my time  - I even rented a book at the library the last time I took the boys and I might just read it tonight - the whole thing)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Girls Getaway!

So I spent the weekend with some girls. . .

OK I mostly hung out with these girls. . .

We went to Women's Conference.

And what did we do there you ask?

 We ate.

And ate. . .

And ate. . .

And ate. . .

And did a little shopping. . .

And ate some more. . .

But the food I stuffed into my body
in nothing compared to 
how spiritually and emotionally stuffed I am
from all the talks, and presentations I attended this weekend.

Thanks girls for a great time!
And thanks to my amazing husband who spent 5 days with our 3 kids.
That includes getting three kids to church by himself.
(I hear he even figured out how to put tights on Kara)

When I climbed into bed last night after midnight,
he rolled over and after not seeing me for 5 days whispered,
"please never die!"