Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Great To Be 8!

I know all kids get excited about their birthdays. . .
but Kris gets really excited!
He talks about it for weeks, but in a subtle way
just to make sure that we all know his birthday is coming!

AND yesterday it happened!

We started out the morning with a few presents. . .
(Kris hates cake)

And the Biggest Birthday Card you have ever seen!

After school we had baseball, homework, and of all days dad started back to work so after baseball we headed to Kris's favorite restaurant, Red Robin for Dinner and more presents!

(who would have thought Kris would be reading the scriptures at Red Robin in his baseball uniform?)

 Birthday Loot:

Thundercats sword and movie
Nerf football
Swiss Army Knife (he is a cub scout now you know)
Scriptures (he is getting baptized you know)
a snow cone machine from Grandma and Grandpa!

I have been busy putting together a DVD of Kris for his baptism and have loved going back through all his pictures!

Couldn't resist sharing this one!

Some things never change!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter . . . with 4 kids!

Easter Morning it finally hit me. . .
I have 4 kids!

Our Easter Festivities started with this little lady's Preschool Easter Egg Hunt!

These three were crazy about Kody!

And when they all got in line to see the Easter Bunny,
the only one that actually ended up on the Easter Bunnies lap. . .

Was Kody!

Me and the "little kids" colored easter eggs!

Easter Morning!

Our Three Boys in their Suits!

Our Girl in her new Easter Dress!

Let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin!




And what a better way to end Easter than with a NAP!