Saturday, July 28, 2012

My boys in the wilderness . . .

Kyle and Kale spent 3 days and 12 miles backpacking together. . .

 And they still like each other after all that!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun in the SUN!

FUN in the SUN at SUNSPLASH!!!!

Pretty much didn't see this kid once all day!

This kid was so excited to finally be tall enough to hang with the "big kids"!

And who earned his first "double double" at In N Out for going on the new

And for being the only one to invite his mother on a ride with him!
We rode the Master Blaster!

It only took this girl 4 hours to decide the water park was more fun than the pavillion!

After screaming her head off for two full rounds of the Lazy River we finally found something she would try without screaming!

And then even got brave enough to go down a real waterslide with a waterfall!

And even Baby Kody got in on the "sun fun"!

Ahhhh. . . Summer. I'm already starting to miss you!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


This "Crazy" Grandma and Grandpa. . .

Took these boys . . .

and these girls. . .
(and their two mommas)

to the

and spoiled them all with
Cinnamon Rolls!

Here is my cute family
(minus daddy)
in front of the Placer County Exhibit!

We had fun playing on the FARM!

With FAKE animals!

And then had fun with the REAL animals!

This little goat had way too much fun with my little Kody while posing for a picture. . .
he got Kody's entire little foot inside his mouth before another mom informed me that my son's foot was being eaten!

That's better!
I'm the only one that's allowed to eat this little guy up!

Then the "big" kids rode some rides. . .

while the "little" kids watched and waited. . .

Then the "little" kids got to ride. . .

 with Grandma!

While the "big" kids had to watch and wait!

And this kid got to sleep the "fun" day away!

 Then there were more animals to see!

FISH you could touch!

TURTLES you could hold. . .

and COWS you could SMELL!

This girl was good to go as long as she had the map and could tell everyone where to go!

By this time our feet were tired!

 so we took a little break!

 And then it was off to the EXHIBITS!
We found the Mona Lisa in the Art Exhibit!
I never noticed the "corn dog" in her hand before!

Our favorite exhibit was the TOY exhibit with all the old toys from years past!

Then time for MORE RIDES!

 And SLURPEES for the "littles" who couldn't ride!

Kelly and I did manage to find one "big kid" ride that Ezra and Karalyn could ride and it happened to be the rollercoaster! Kara had to walk on her tip toes to be tall enough but we slipped her through!
She was so excited to be on a big ride and then we went down that first hill and her body tensed up so quick. I thought it was over. . . but she surprised me and loved every minute of it!

We did a lot of WALKING!

And even found some time to do some DANCING!

And we absolutely made time for EATING!

Corn Dogs for the Kids!

Fried Turkey Legs for Kelly!

And a JUMBO Corn Dog for ME!

Dinner and a Motorcross Show!
Does it get more White Trash than that?

We then met Grandma and Grandpa at the Horse Show!

And had a little PHOTO SHOOT!

 And ended the night with a Fireworks Show while riding the Ferris Wheel!

 And what blog post of mine would be complete without a picture of my daughter sleeping?

Guess that means it was the perfect Day!
(or at least it ended perfectly!)

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa and Southwell's for making the State Fair so MEMORABLE!