Monday, October 26, 2009

What if everyday could be HALLOWEEN. . .

This weekend sure felt like it
and it was soooo much FUN!

On Friday night we had our ward TRUNK or TREAT!
I went Disco!
(wish you could see the disco ball earings I'm sporting!)

This little girl and I partied it up!
(notice the nose is painted but there was NO way we were getting whiskers on her)

Really I didn't think she'd get the concept or care about trick or treating, but she worked it!
She knew if she held that bucket out someone was putting something inside and she loved it!
Here we have:
(our version of)
Then on SATURDAY NIGHT Kyle and I went to a way fun ADULT HALLOWEEN PARTY!
So fun!
We sported our "new and improved" PIRATE COSTUMES!
Will you please check out the TATOO on my man's chest!

I think I like dressing up!
It's FUN!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad Blogger. . .OR Busy Blogger. . .

I've been busy - but not blogging!
I've been hanging out a lot with these fun ladies!
These are the gals that serve with me in the Stake Primary Presidency!

We just got done with a huge SCOUT/CUB SCOUT activity. . .

which we planned with these guys. . .
our Stake Presidency!

You know the nice thing about Cub Scouts?
Humiliation is accepted!

So between this and ward conferences, and 12 primary programs (I went to 3 today). . . and a stake leadership training meeting this next week. . .
I've been a little busy. Good busy. But Busy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

And this is about half of it!

It did only take me about 2 days to put everything up this year.
And we added one new addition to our decorations this year. . .

He's a little too "scary" for me but the boys love it!

And what better way to get ready for Halloween than to visit the Pumpkin Patch!

After picking out pumpkins we rode the train.
(look what a great picture it could have been)

Saw some shows and did some dancing.

Visited the Petting Zoo.

(why is he too cool for everything these days?)

This is the closest she got to any animal and it's only because she didn't know it was there!

These guys were my favorite.

And then there was the hay trampoline.
Enough said.

Look! They do smile!
Thank you BISHOP'S PUMPKIN PATCH for bringing out the smiles in my children!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sorry Kids. Toys Don't Last Forever.


We bought this little house over 8 years ago for Kale.
It was $17.99.
Now back when we bought it $17.99 was a huge purchase for us.
It wasn't his birthday. It was no where near Christmas. It was just for fun.


After awhile (when I got completely tired of picking balls up from all over the house) we put it in a bin and packed it up.

And when Kristopher was 1 and would only say "ball" we pulled it out of the bin and set it up again.
(Really I looked for pictures - but couldn't find any proof)
And once again when I got tired of picking up balls from all over the apartment we packed it back up.

So when a friend called the other day and asked if we had any of those "plastic balls" she could borrow for a birthday party I again pulled out the blow up house and set it up for Karalyn.

Who knows how long it will stay up.
Who knows if it will survive past Kara.
Who knows if there will be another Jibson baby to pass it down to.
But for now one little girl is LOVING IT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I know it's the 1st of OCTOBER, but somehow I missed AUGUST

So I was going through pictures (actually I was correcting a little problem that I created which forced me to go through all the thousands of pictures I have on my computer - but back to the point. . . ) I realized that I had forgotten part of August, and a part of August that was really, really fun.

First we had a FOOD FIGHT!
Only one of the funnest (is that a a word?) birthday parties we have ever been to!

There was a RED TEAM


And after everyone had received either a Red or Blue T-shirt with the words FOOD FIGHT on the front and after a few rules. . .

Everyone got their own plate of FOOD,
and they went at it!



Thank You Birthday Girl
for such MEMORIES!

And what could top that day?
Well. . .
You see our "family" didn't really take a vacation this summer (Beach house comes at the end of the summer so it hadn't happened yet) Kyle and I took a little vacation together, but we realized that we hadn't really done anything  with the kids (now don't go thinking their summer was a complete bust - I try to keep things fun around our house) so we decided to hit the local water park. We have lived here almost 9 years and had never gone so this summer we went.

And fun we had!

Kale and Dad went around and rode the water slides together most of the day.
I did get to take Kale on the MASTER BLASTER - and while he wasn't a fan - I found my new favorite water slide.

Kristopher would have been content to spend the entire day at the wave pool He loved it.

We also had a great time in the kid area.
Especially with the bucket that drops a ton of water on you every few minutes.

And just so you don't think she didn't like being dumped with a bucket of water - here is proof that she was having the time of her life.

We also spent a lot of time in the LAZY RIVER. . .

Really is there a better way to spend a summer day?

And we ended the day with this face!

I'm not sure whether she is telling me
1.  to leave her alone
2. that she finally got her way
3. I'm cold, hungry, and I didn't get my nap. What do you expect?

OK now we can BRING ON FALL!