Monday, March 28, 2011

On The Last Day At Sea. . .

This was pretty much my view the entire day!
We soaked up every ounce of relaxation you could fit into one day!

See, I'm not kidding!

Oh. I did roll over. That took effort.
(that's me in the red swimsuit - I'm sure I'm asleep at this point or would not have let a picture be taken at that angle!)

We did however EAT that last day. . .
just to keep our energy level up!

This was the incredible BRUNCH we woke up too!

And DINNER. . .
I see 6 people in our group and 12 plates. . .
Yep! We all ordered 2 dinners!
(and that didn't include the 3 appetizers, salad and 2 desserts I ordered to go along with my meal)
Good thing I was done putting on bathing suits for the trip!

Mostly, though we just realized how lucky we were to be able to spend time in such an incredible place with amazing friends. . .

and especially each other!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Barbados. . .

We drew in the sand. . .

Because when the sand looks like this. . .

How can you NOT play in it?

But before all that. . .
We ate breakfast with this view!

Then headed into the city with this fun crowd!

This is actually one of my favorite pictures of the entire trip!

They call Barbados "Little London" because of the British Influence so I wanted to see more of this little island!

Kyle and I found a taxi driver who would take us around the island and then drop us off at a nearby beach.
We negotiated a cost for a two hour tour. . .
He actually took us around for three and didn't charge us extra!

This little lookout is the highest point of the island and gave us some spectacular views.

Then he took us off the beaten path to this little orchid garden!

We drove all over and he would give us facts about the island as we drove. . .
but he saved the BEST FOR LAST!
Look at this Beach!

We stayed and played in the water for a while and then decided we had better head back to our ship to get ready for one more formal night!
(notice I only packed one dress - oh well!)

And Kyle finally got his LOBSTER!

The waiters did the Baked Alaska Parade!

Here were our amazing waiters for 6 fun filled nights!
Innocente and Manny!

And honestly if I hadn't already gained at least 50 pounds by now they go and have the most amazing chocolate buffet you could imagine that night!

CHEERS Barbados!
You will be remembered!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In St. Lucia. . .

I felt the Atlantic Ocean for the 1st time!

And it was beautiful!

St. Lucia is bordered half by the Atlantic Ocean and half by the Caribbean Sea.
And I much preferred our little Caribbean Beach on this island.

We did some major relaxing on this little beach!

If you look really close you'll see our blue beach chairs pulled down into the water. This is where we were!

The Atlantic Ocean is on the left and the Caribbean is on the right!
(the red roofs you see is the Sandals resort on the island - don't think we didn't maybe try to see if we could get inside - we couldn't)

6 hours was not enough St. Lucia. . . I wanted more!

And St. Lucia gave us one of the most beautiful sunsets as we sailed away from her. . .