Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween Fun!

or Overload. . . you choose.

We started out October with a Pre-School Fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch!

And we had so much fun. . .
we brought the whole family back!

This may end up being our Christmas Card Picture. . .
Let's hope we get something better with us all in it!

Finally time for the Hayride out to pick out pumpkins. . .

And we had just enough sunlight for a Family Picture after picking out all those pumpkins!

It was a beautiful night!

 Then we had to carve all those pumpkins!


Karalyn and Mommy were matching Witches!

 With matching Spider Web EYES!


We started off Trick or Treating with these FUN FRIENDS!!!

 And then we met up with another cute witch to end the night!

Kody's 1st HALLOWEEN and I'd say our family made it a fun one for him!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

8 months today. . .

So let me catch you up on his life. . .

4 months. . .
Four months is always one of my favorites!
And his personality sure came out at this age!

I held off for awhile to "feed" this kid. . .
mostly because it just adds a new "to do" to the list each day, but when I finally started he was all over it!

He was practically begging for it!

And he LOVED IT!

 It was a month of 1st's for Kody.

His first swimming experience!

His first camping experience. . .
and sleeping upright experience!

His first swing ride at the Park!

And the first time I realized he was getting way TOO BIG
for his little baby bathtub!

5 months. . .

At this point, Kody was eating everything in sight!
And just look at those chubby little legs to prove it!

 And BAM! Teeth already!
Couldn't believe it!

This kid sure doesn't lack for love by the brothers and sister!

 He absolutely LOVES being outside!

 And he loves to sleep!
He doesn't get a chance to nap in his cradle very often, so I took a picture.
It turns out it is one of my favorite pictures I have of him!

 Honestly, there isn't a more easy going, happy, fun to be around baby anywhere!

6 months. . .

Oh. . . this little boy discovered that he loves his tummy time. . .
and he learned how to roll over!

He got so good at it he rolled right out of his swing one day!
(He didn't seem to broken up about it - I think he was quite proud of himself actually!)

He loves it when Kale reads stories to him at night!

He loves going to Kris's soccer games!

And he even loves playing with his sister. . .
even if she does make him hold her dolls!

goes into this boy's mouth!

 And finally. . . captured by his brother in a very blurry picture. . 
His first debut at sitting up all by himself!


 Love, Love, Love, this BOY!