Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Reunion Camping Style

To Celebrate Papa Kennan's 90th Birthday
We all got together at Donner Lake in Truckee
to spend some time in the
Great Outdoors!

Here's the family. . .

We're probably crazier than your family. . .
I'm just saying. . .

The kids climbed monster rocks
(and surprisingly no one broke any limbs)

They spent the day "noodle fighting" their BIG cousins!!!

But mostly, we hung out at the lake. . .
and loved it!

Well, these four guys did take a bike ride so we didn't see them for awhile. . .

But we kept ourselves busy by letting our children out on the lake by themselves in kayaks.

Totally kidding. . . kinda.
There was some adult supervision. . . if you call Uncle Phil an adult.

They can handle it. . . Kris is in charge.

No life jackets or anything.
Kris was in charge.
(disclaimer. . . Aunt Laura is totally holding on to the boat so Kris only thinks he's giving a ride at this point.)
He had to prove himself before we would really let him out there on his own.

And then somehow I thought I could take 4 kids on a ride at once.
Not so much. I'm actually surprised we did not tip over.

And then we tried the paddle boat.
I'm trying to encourage my son that he CAN do this, while Uncle John is assuring him that he CANNOT!

No problem from this one.

This one got tired and decided the dirt was as good as place as any to take a nap!

These three were plotting their revenge on the "older cousins" for all the noodle fights!

Here's the end result of all their planning. . .

All that planning got them all thrown back in the lake!

Overall it was a great weekend, spent with great people, who still like each other after all the tormenting that went on all weekend!

I can't get over these two!

Here is Kyle with his brothers and sister.

And ALL their kids!!!!

All their CRAZY KIDS!!!!

And here's my cute family. . . who when we get all dressed up for a family picture no one can smile or look at the camera for that matter, but when we all haven't showered for three days and look like death we can all look right at the camera and have the best smiles.
I might just frame this one and put it above the mantel!

And finally, who dresses their child in white to go camping?
That's me.
She didn't mind.
And one thing about this girl, she can relax anywhere!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Summertime. . .

Here's a few of the things my kids have been up to . . .

Kale has a great summer "working out" with his dad.
They've been the gym a few times and Kale loves joining Kyle on his runs at night!

Kris has kept his dad busy this summer replacing fence boards in the backyard.
A little game of "pitcher - catcher" always seems to get past the glove and right into the fence!

And if this isn't pure summertime happiness. . .
I don't know what is!!!!

Happy Summer. . . We're not through yet!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Once again we woke up bright and early to get "our spot" on the parade route!
We're always the first ones to claim a spot!
(This year one other family came surprisingly early, but it was because they thought the parade started at 9:00 not 10:00)

We had to pass the time somehow. . .

Until DAD came back with the doughnuts!!!!

That was my attempt at a group shot of eating the delicious doughnuts. . .
So I opted to try to get individual shots!

This kid was toooo cooool to even look at me for a picture!

This kid's doughnut was gone before I could even get a picture!

But this kid came through with great pictures!

The Family. . .
(Kale what's so interesting to the side that you couldn't look at the camera for 2 seconds?)

The Parade. . .

As you can see, the parade was full of all the "normal" parade things. . .

And then . . .
You have horses with pedicures. . .

This man . . .

And this Grandma!

Then after a Fun Filled Barbeque/Swim Party we packed up and headed out to watch the

Here's how we each passed the time waiting and waiting for it to get dark. . .

And then it was time!
(I was so excited! I love Big Fireworks!)

It was however this gals first time experiencing the booming of big fireworks.
I loved it because she had her ears plugged but her eyes were WIDE open!!!

Happy Birthday America!!!!!