Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Have A Wonderful Christmas Everyone!

A few things CHRISTMAS. . .

This may set a record for my longest post, but we've been having some

We've been all over town looking at Christmas Lights.

We could win an award for worst Family Picture ever with this one!

But we all had our favorites!




(He kept saying "Joe lives there" and I couldn't figure out who we knew named Joe and then I saw this)


And in honor of my dad who made one of these for our lawn while we were growing up only to have it stolen right off our front lawn one night!


(and stopped off in San Francisco to make a day out of it)

We had ice cream at Ghiradelli Square!

Don't let one ounce of that caramel not get eaten!

And this is all I need to show you of Kale's Sundae!

We found this cute little cupcake shop named
Kara's cupcakes!
She loves PINK!

And these guys were stoked to finally get their GIANTS gear they have been promised since winning the world series!
It was raining when we bought them otherwise I totally would have had them put them on in the city for a picture, but I let them wait for the comfort of our nice warm home.

When we got to the temple,
you couldn't even see the temple it was so foggy!

I was a little dissapointed because some of the lights weren't turned on and it's just not the same when you can't see the temple all lit up. . .
and then I heard this from my six year old.

"It's OK because we can still see the most important thing."
I looked over and he was pointing at this!

It was the BRIGHTEST thing there that night.
What a perfect reminder at Christmas!

And just as we were leaving for the night. . .
The fog rolled out for just a few minutes!


We made our yearly trip around our court delivering Christmas goodies!

We still have 2 more days to cram in a lot more Christmas Fun!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in Coloma

We took the kids to Coloma to celebrate Christmas how they did it during the

Our attempt at getting a picture with Santa went exactly the way I expected!

We had better luck at the SNOW MOUNTAIN that they trucked in just for the occasion!

We brought PAPA. . .

and NANA along with us!

We took a ride on this!

Everywhere we looked someone was dressed in authentic costume!
It was so neat!

Especially this guy, who for some reason thought it fun to grab my husband's leg. . .

But my favorite was this lady who showed us how to make yarn.
I wanted so bad to get a picture with her and Kara since Kara is wearing a knitted hat and scarf that I wore when I was her age that my "aunt annie" had knitted for me!

It was a great way to really kick off our Christmas season!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I almost forgot. . .

For the "moment" all my kids are all in one piece with no broken bones!

Kris's broken collar bone healed up perfectly.
He even has more bone than what he started out with. Kinda cool bump that is!

And here is Kale right after the trauma of getting his cast off.
(there may have been a few tears of anticipation)

And this is our Awesome Orthopedic Doctor who sees us way too often!

Thanks Dr. Wall for putting my boys back together
and for not turning me into CPS!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas. . .

We finally got our house decorated for Christmas this year.
It took me longer this year than last year. . .
Maybe it's because we keep adding decorations each and every year!

This year it was Karalyn's turn to put the Star on the Tree!
She did it perfectly!

We added a little something under our tree this year.
I got this "Christmas Story" train for 75% off last year after Christmas so this year it has it's home under our Christmas tree and the kids are loving it!

I mean it comes with a LEG LAMP!

It'll look better once we get some presents under there, but it looks pretty cool as the train goes around and around !

We also added a few decorations to the outside of our house this year as well!

When Kyle's Grandparents moved up here this summer so did these famous Christmas Decorations that have been adorning their little home in Fremont for over 50 years!

Since their retirement home had no place to put them up we get to put them in our yard!

It was really neat to see 3 generations out there working together to get these decorations looking just perfect!

Papa if you thought because you moved you were going to finally after 50 years not put up Christmas decorations you were wrong!

We loved the help!
And we love how they look in our yard!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.