Friday, November 18, 2011

Kara's Naps

Kyle and I drove with Karalyn to Saramento last night
to look at a "big girl bed" for her off of craig's list.

On the way Kara threw a little fit. . .
and then as quickly as it began she politely asked if she could lay her head down and go to sleep.

Kyle and I both just laughed.
If there is one thing about Karalyn she loves (needs) her sleep.

She's my napper.
If she had the luxury she would still take at least a 2 hour nap in the afternoons if we were ever home for a 2 hour stretch.

So she has learned to adapt.

Kyle said to me, "you could probably do an entire blog post on just her naps. . . "

So here we go in no particular order. . .

Kara's Naps

Maybe one of my favorites. . .
When she put herself to sleep as I was packing for our Disneyland trip.

In the stroller. . . at Disneyland!

On the couch. . .

In a chair. . .

In the carseat. . . I have way too many pictures of this!

On the floor. . .
Luckily she found enough floor space!

Oh look. . .
Different Floor.

On the bed. . .
Mine not hers.

In the Dirt!

Even at restaurants while we are out to eat.
When she's tired. She's tired.

In Daddy's arms. . .

On Mommy's lap. . .
Even if she is still standing up.

And who can forget. . .
the back of the car!!!

This post made me very tired.
I'm gonna go take a nap!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apple Hill . . . and a whole bunch of other happenings crammed into one post!

We took our annual trip up the foothills to
last weekend!

We ate yummy "walking pies"!
(next year we will have to start buying 3 to feed our family. . . two just didn't cut it this year. . . I was left wanting more!)

And picked out our favorite apples. . .
It's really funny how one picture can really sum up all my children's personalities. . .

And as I started snapping photos of each of my kids,
it got me thinking of what they've each been up to. . .
So here goes!


Kale has been incredibly busy this year.
Starting middle school has been a big adjustment.
More homework, more freedom, more responsibility, more FUN!

Here he is at the Stake 11 Year Old Campout
(that his mom may have been in charge of planning)
He had a great time with all the boys in the ward!

And of course,
Practices, Games, more Practices and more Games!
(I took a lot of video this year of him, but captured a few photos)

Not only did he continue to work on and play his heart out at 2nd base this year. . .

He got to try pitching this season.
I was a nervous wreck, but he actually did pretty good.

And catching. . .
It's funny, because next to these big hitters he looks so small, but as catcher he really took control of the field. . . It was awesome to see him really grow into a baseball player!


This kid just cracks me up!

He is so independent and resourceful.
He came down the stairs a few weeks ago all ready for church. . .

It honestly felt like one of those puzzles where you have to find everything wrong with the picture.

Shirt buttoned wrong,
Pants on backwards,
Belt on with just a few missed loops,
The shoes were on the right feet so I gotta give him credit there. . .

And then there was this. . .

What to do when you can't find your soccer socks?
Throw a fit?
Blame your mother for not washing them?
Just wear your dad's church socks and don't say a word until mom notices right before the soccer game starts!

And speaking of SOCCER!
Kris played his first season of soccer this year and loved it!

At the beginning of the season I asked him how he liked soccer and he said, "I like it except for the running!" I laughed out loud, since that's all soccer is.

He did great!

Scored goals, attacked the ball, got very tired very quickly and absolutely loved it!


This girl and I are having so much fun being home by ourselves for a little while each day!

One day after church, Kyle had to stay after for a few minutes so this creative girl and I sat in the foyer and she decorated my face with her stickers from nursery!

And she started PRESCHOOL. . .

And what could be better than preschool with your best friend?


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween . . . and Before

We had a "spooky" Halloween. . .
and we went TRICK OR TREATING with our best friends!

My kiddo's all ready for the big night!

This one threw me for a loop when his month long plans for being a vampire came to a halt on Halloween night and he decided to be Indiana Jones. . .
not bad on 10 minutes notice if I do say so myself.

And I dressed up as a Disco Ball
(you can't see my earings but they are disco balls)
*I actually put this shirt on last Sunday to wear to church with a black skirt and I walked out of our room and Kyle started laughing. Laughing. He told me I looked liked a disco ball. I changed, but knew I had my halloween costume all lined up!

Before we could go TRICK OR TREATING. . .
we had to go TRUNK OR TREATING at the ward party!

Before we could go TRUNK OR TREATING. . .

Before we could CARVE PUMPKINS . . .
we had to take our annual trip to the PUMPKIN PATCH to
(I think Kyle might drop that pumpkin on my head????)

The famous tractor.
I might be sad that my kids are slightly outgrowing it.

The sunflower maze!

The train ride!

The funny turkeys!

And of course the petting zoo!

What a difference a year makes. . .
Remember this????
Goodbye October!

We blinked and you were GONE!