Tuesday, June 30, 2009



***Disclaimer  - Kara was on mom's team!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Unexpected Getaway

We went on a little getaway this weekend.
Yep. Just me and him.

About a month ago I was asked to go on our Stake's Pioneer Trek with the youth.
I accepted the invitation and was surprisingly excited to go.
Kyle worked with his schedule and got the Thursday and Friday of the trek off so he could be at home with the kids.

A few weeks later however, I was uninvited to go on the trek.
Some excuse about how they wanted minimal adult participation - you know to teach the kids self reliance or something like that.

Well, that left us with a 5 day weekend so Kyle told me he would take me away for a few days.

Here were my criteria:
Somewhere somewhat close (I didn't want to spend 2 of the days driving to the destination and back)
Somewhere warm - with a pool - so I could do nothing at all but sit in the sun.

So Kyle suggested Tahoe - 
"but it's been stormy up there - I really want to go somewhere where I know it's gonna be warm" I said.
So Monterey was suggested - 
"but it's always windy on the coast" I said.
So after some thinking Kyle looked at me matter of factly and said,
"looks like we're going to Stockton!"

We didn't go to Stockton.
We compromised.
Even though my idea of the perfect vacation at this point in my life is somewhere where I don't have to go anywhere or do anything that is not Kyle's idea of the perfect vacation. He's a go getter on vacation. He want's to see everything and do everything.

Sooooo we went to Great America! Yes - the amusement park. Just the two of us. And we stayed at a Hotel with a great pool!

We got an added surprise when we arrived. We thought the package we had purchased came with "2" free tickets to the park but really it came with "4" free tickets to the park.

So the 1st day we spent the day riding rollercoasters and thrill rides (and didn't set foot in the kid park even once)!
And the 2nd day we spent at the water park inside the amusement park riding waterslides, hanging out in the lazy river and taking 2 yes 2 naps on lounge chairs! We even found the perfect spot - Kyle's chair was under an umbrella - he likes the shade - and mine was in full sun right next to his!

Here are some of the memories I will take away from "our little getaway"

(if you were expecting pictures you are sadly not going to get any)
My first memory is that I walked through an amusement park the entire day with nothing in my hands or over my shoulder or around my waist or being pushed in front of me!
No children, no stroller, no diaper bag, no snacks, no camera, NOTHING!
It was amazing - Kyle brought our hotel key and his wallet. That's it! 

My second memory is that I got to buy an ice cream cone the first day and cotton candy the second day!
Splurging on one $4 ice cream cone is doable - but when you have to buy 5 $4 cones it does not happen!

My third memory is watching Kyle get so excited over the rollercoasters - he really is still a little kid. He had to be in the front of every rollercoaster and don't think he didn't scream like a girl when we rode the "Pyscho Mouse"!
Apparently he forgot that the ride is suppossed to make you think that you are going to fall off the edge of the track! I'm laughing right now thinking about it!

My fourth memory is that I learned that my defense mechanism when I get a little nervous is to smile - but not a regular smile - that awkward fake smile - I had "the smile" in every one of those rollercoaster pictures they take.

But most of all I will just remember how much fun we had together.
I'm glad we can still have fun together.
I'm glad I didn't have to worry one minute about my kids (thank you so much grandma and grandpa  - after we picked the kids up and were driving home - I heard tears from the back seat and I look back and Kale is crying. Crying because he is now worried about his grandma and grandpa being all alone in their house now that they were leaving)
I'm glad we got to get away for a few days,
but now I'm glad we're back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saying goodbye to another baseball season. . .

We walked away from a great season this year.
Kale's team made it to the semi-finals!

And Kris's team was UNDEFEATED!
(There are no losers in T-ball)

The boys got TROPHIES
along with words of praise from their coaches!

Kale was known this season as the
"in yo face - second base"!

And Kris's coach actually said to me, 
"if you ever want to give a kid away I'll take this one"
(Wow - the irony)

Kris was so excited to round third base one final time as a t-baller this is what happened!

Every season needs a "wipeout!"

As for me - what will I take away with me from this year's season?

A flip-flop tan line!

Until next year baseball. . . Goodbye.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cub Scout Twilight Camp


This years theme was very patriotic which was so fun!
Even those "baby blue" leader t-shirts which we sported in style!

Each station represented a United States Landmark. . .

There was Water Play on Waikiki Beach. . .
There was bird house making in the Amish Country. . .

but. . .

I was lucky enough to go on the days when the boys got to target shoot with bb guns!

And participate in archery!

Nice Shot Buddy!

But the highlight of my 2 days spent at Twilight Camp was closing ceremonies on the 2nd day.
They had invited a member representing each branch of the military in full uniform to come and speak to the boys.
There was a Marine
an Army soldier (a crowd favorite - just look at that uniform)
A Navy Captain
an Air Force Pilot!

Each one took a few minutes to talk to the boys.

The marine told about how important it is to get a good education and to value school.

The soldier told the kids how proud he was to serve this country but reminded us that there are soldiers right now fighting for our country and we need to remember them every day.

The Navy Captian told the boys that he was a cub scout when he was their age and putting on that cub scout uniform was the start of him wanting to serve the country and continue to wear a uniform.

And the Air Force Pilot talked about integrity and always giving 100% in no matter what you choose to do in life.

It was inspiring to see how the boys reacted by standing up and giving them a standing ovation as they entered the stage.

This mom was PROUD!
Proud of this country
and the people who defend and protect it.
Proud of the cub scout program and the values it instills in our young boys.
And very PROUD of this boy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How about them apples?

I did try cutting the apple up into appropriate sized pieces for a child her age. . .
but the WHOLE apple she wanted
and the WHOLE apple she got!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Drive

As the day was coming to a close and it was evident that my darling daughter was no where near to sleep the husband and I came up with a brilliant plan. . .

Let's go on a DRIVE so the "baby" will fall asleep.

Here is the result of our DRIVE. . .

How come our "brilliant plans" never work?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What did you do the first day of summer vacation?

Did you relax by the pool?
Did you head to the park?
Did you let the kids watch cartoons the whole day?

Well, not us. . .
We Put Our Kids To Work!

These WERE our gigantic frazier bushes growing on the side of our house.
And while they provided us great privacy (notice you can barely see our roof line) our garden was not growing behind the fence because the sun couldn't get through our bushes.

So dad (and grandpa) would chop away. . .

Kristopher would drag the branches. . .

to Kale who would hoist them up into the truck. . .

It was teamwork!

Here is all our efforts about 1/2 way into the project.

And all day later
and 4 trips to the local dump
Here are our bushes today!

 Maybe today we can go play and enjoy summer!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pioneers for a day. . .

Kale's class took a "pioneer" field trip

and I got to go!

Here is my pioneer boy!

The kids took a tour of the farm and were shown what "chores" would have been required of kids their age on the farm each day.

They did laundry.

They baked . . .
along with all the chores associated with that such as
churning butter,
grinding wheat,
gathering wood to keep the stove going.

This is where I spent the day helping the kids bake biscuits
with the sun heating me from the outside,
and the wood stove heating me from the inside.

They also got to make pioneer crafts and games,
and eat an authentic pioneer lunch on the grass in the shade.

We couldn't pack our lunch in baggies
(I wrapped our sandwiches in wax paper)
They didn't have juice boxes back then
(so Kale and I had ice water in Mason Jars)
No cheetos, or oreo cookies
(we had grapes and sliced cheese)

It was fun to be a PIONEER for a day. . .
But only for a day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Have A Graduate. . .

Kristopher graduated from preschool!

(The flowers represent each child in his class and how tall they are)

Just look at the toothless wonder!

He had a great year.
He learned how to write his name.
He learned that scissors are his new best friend.
He learned how to ride a two wheeler.

He doesn't know what to do with himself now that preschool is over.
I don't know what to do with him either.

He had the best teachers
and loved going to preschool every time.

But this kid is ready for KINDERGARTEN.
(He didn't even flinch getting his SHOTS because they mean he can go to school with his brother)