Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December. . .

December came fast. . .
We had a lot to do. . .

We decorated, and decorated and decorated!

It was Karalyn's turn to put the star on this year.

She was fascinated by the tree this year, always making sure that every ornament was perfectly placed.
(and mostly fixing all the ornaments that Kody would take off each day!) 

We put up all our nativities again this year.
Karalyn was finally old enough to help me and I let her touch the pieces.

She wanted "play dates" with baby Jesus each day.

It was fun to see all the different places that baby Jesus ended up this year.
My favorite was her doll house.

Our family even dressed up like the Nativity this year.

We were transported back in time for an
for our ward party this year.

We had so much fun looking at Christmas Lights this year.

This was my favorite.

This was Kyle's favorite.


The kids were really in the Christmas Spirit this year.
They watched Christmas movies and had sleepovers by the Christmas tree.

We had Cookie Baking Day!

I had a great time with the boys baking cookies because I spent the rest of the day
with Karalyn at her FIRST song and dance recital!

I kept telling everyone I was so out of my element backstage at a recital.
I felt like I needed a dugout. . .
But I had so much fun.
Karalyn was a superstar!

It was a very LONG day and Karalyn was very tired by the time the day was over!

We took our Christmas trip into the CITY!

We found the elves. . .

and the REAL SANTA. . .

And then we headed across the Bay to look at the lights at the TEMPLE. . .
They were beautiful this year!
For the past few years it has been raining on the day we were there so we couldn't walk up on the temple grounds. . . this year was so fun with the kids as we got to go up and look over the city from the top of the temple.


We brought Christmas Eve with the Pinata Tradition and an amazing dinner made by Grandma!

We got home to find a book and note from Santa, with our new Christmas Jammies!

We were finally ready for Christmas To Come!

And it CAME!

Some of us weren't so impressed with what we got.
You see Kris wrote a letter to Santa asking him for a mini i pad. Santa wrote him back and let him know they had plenty of eye patches up at the North Pole!
(don't worry - he had a great Christmas!)

Others couldn't hold back their excitement after seeing exactly what they wanted!

And Karalyn was certainly surprised to see that Santa not only brought her the "stand up microphone" she asked for but also brought a whole stage to go with it!

AND it is so fun to experience Christmas with a TODDLER!

And a husband . . . who just loves everything about Christmas!

We packed up and took a little family getaway on Christmas Day. . .

We were hoping that our view would look a little more like this. . .
and we would have a little snow to play in, but there was no snow to be found!

 Well, I take that back. Kris was able to find a little snow to play in before he plunged into the. . .


Since we couldn't find any snow to play in we stopped at this little ice skating rink in an old red barn and had a great time!

So once again, as it is New Years Eve, Christmas is over yet again.
Tomorrow we will take the tree down and we will celebrate a new year.

Here's to Christmas 2013!

Good news. Kody. Christmas will be back next year.

Monday, December 30, 2013

November. . .

November. . .

Our November started out with a little date to some

A fun night where Cowboys from all over the country get together and tell cowboy stories. . .

and sing Cowboy songs. . .

And the night ended with a Cowboy wearing Pink Chaps!

From there the month only got BETTER!

We took our family trip up to APPLE HILL!
And it was the most beautiful day!

We had so much fun being super silly!

And playing hide and go seek behind the trees!

We got our family picture in front of the Larsen Apple Tree. . .

We got our Apple Hill Treats. . .
The Walking Pie. . .

and of course Caramel Apples. . .
(someone stole mine)

And Kara even decided to lose a tooth while we were at Apple Hill this year.

She said "my teeth are like stairs!"

We had some "pony rides"!

And of course got a lot of Apples!

(Kody had enough of my caramel apple to last him all day)

It really was a great day!

Karalyn had her
in Kindergarten. . .

And THE COUSINS made it to town in time for the

And finally the day came. . .

Nothing says Thanksgiving like the smell of Onions and Celery. . .
I had such a fun day in the kitchen with my sister in laws.
It was so fun to blend all our cooking styles together!
The day went by so fast and it didn't even seem like work!

And is there no better way to end a feast than with the guys in the kitchen doing the dishes?

The week was filled with cousins playing together in the back yard. . .

and cousin sleepovers. . .

and mom and dad late night game nights. . .

As the week came to an end I couldn't help think of the Leadership Meeting I had a few weeks earlier where the focus for next year in primary will be on families.

I thought about the Proclamation and this quote. . .

and I thought about my family.
I thought about how Thankful I am for this little family of mine and my extended family. . .
I thought about how thankful I am for a gospel that centers everything around the family.
I made a little commitment to myself that I am going to take this next year and really focus on the importance of families in my own little family. 
I want them to know how important they are to me.
I want them to know how important our family is to our Heavenly Father.

I'm just grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving!