Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getaway for 25 Hours. . .

Even in a City like San Francisco it really is a talent to cram this much fun into a 25 hour little getaway!

But me and these 3 gals did it!

There were crazy cab rides. . .

and maybe a crazy cab driver. . .

But we made it to see this!

And then somehow after the show made it here. . .

When upon finding out if you are going to sit here you have to order something. . .
we quickly got up and moved our way onto the dance floor. . .

Where they may have been some Salsa Dancing involved!

And after a fun filled night we woke up the next morning and had time for a quick breakfast before heading to the airport to drop Kelly off to head home!

Sheena, Kasey and I might have hung out for a few more hours and had a few more adventures along the way!

Top of the Mark anyone?

So much fun!
Thanks to everyone (and there was an army) who made this little 25 hours possible!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apple Hill. . . A Look Back In Time

We took a day trip up to Apple Hill last week.
We went on a Saturday.
I don't like going on a Saturday.
It's crowded and my favorite farm is closed on Saturdays.

My favorite farm has this tree in it.
It is an historic apple tree and it is beautiful.
And my family always gets a picture with it every year.

But this year. . .
We couldn't get our whole family in it.
No one was around to take the picture.
I tried propping the camera up on the hood of the car to use the timer, but it wouldn't work.
So this year I settled for a picture of Kyle with the kids. . .
Not the best picture, but I got one.

And it got me thinking back to all the pictures we have taken in front of this tree.
It started in 2001 when Kyle and I first moved to California.
Kale was only one year old.


I guess we hadn't started the "entire family" tradition yet.

I'm sure we went, but maybe we didn't. . .


I guess this year we went on a Saturday too.
Looks like no one was around to take our picture then either!



Thanks for the little stroll down memory lane. . .

The only other tradition we have is eating the "walking pie". . .
which these two enjoyed.

And Kris joined me in my "caramel apple" tradition.

And apparently so did she.
She asked for a bite of my apple and mysteriously I never got it back.

Looks like everyone is getting a little piece of my apple!

Then it was time for the kids to each pick out an apple.
They could choose from crates and crates of apples of all different varieties!

She chose the "PINK LADY"

Isn't he though??
And he chose the "GRANNY SMITH"
which kinda matched his attitude that day. . . a little sour!
And we couldn't leave without getting at least one shot of mom and dad together on this trip, so Kale pulled out his photography skills and got this one of us.

And we brought home a 5 pound frozen apple pie to bake on Thursday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Drives

I miss them. . .
We used to take them all the time. . .
especially when we lived in Utah.
Ogden Canyon I miss you.

Now it sometimes feels like sundays are full of meetings. . . oh wait, "opportunities for spiritual enlightenment" (thank you Elder Bednar)

So on Sunday when we got out of Stake Conference at noon we took advantage and went on a beautiful Sunday Drive.

I thought we would find some Fall Colors,
but then I remembered we live in California and while there are some trees that do change color I am used to the entire mountainside changing and I miss it.

I did try to catch on film some of the color we did see.

Surprisingly my kids didn't object when I made them all sing church songs at the top of our lungs.

Well, maybe one objected, but she objects to just about everything.

And this one just fell asleep.

And just like in Stake Conference a few hours earlier she stayed awake until about 8 minutes before the meeting was over and before we pulled into the driveway.

Monday, November 8, 2010

School Carnivals and Church Parties

We went to the school carnival this year.
The kids were excited to be whatever they wanted to be. . .
(no matching costumes that mom makes them wear)

Kale decided on a "gangster"???
And Kris thought it fitting to be a "mummy" what with his wrapped up collar bone and all!

The school puts on a mean carnival with an even meaner HAUNTED HOUSE!

Here are the boys as they are

And here they are at the END!

Kale's class decorated their booth as the "scariest classroom".
We made the Homework Box that says. . .
HOMEWORK HERE IF YOU DARE complete with F- papers inside!


Here we are, yes I made my family dress like cavemen once again.
I wasn't going to put all that effort into those costumes for one night.
So much to some members of my family we dressed up again. . .

Now it's nothing like this. . .

But we had somewhat of an image to uphold in front of all the ward members. . .


Even she had the "Caveman Grunt" down by the end of the night!


Saturday, November 6, 2010


We knew we were going to take a trip out to the pumpkin patch this year. . .
we just didn't know it would be this particular day until this particular day.

It was Kyle's regular Monday off and we sent the kids off to school.
We started looking at the calendar planning out when we were going to get everything done we needed to when we realized that if we didn't go to the pumpkin patch that day. . . it wasn't going to happen!

So we made a few phone calls
to these two
(Grandma and Grandpa)

and to these two
(Nana and Papa)

And it was decided as soon as the kids got out of school we were leaving for the Patch!

And we did!

And it was the perfect day.
Perfect Weather.
Perfect crowds.
Perfect Pumpkins!

Of course we rode the train. . .
and while the boys did a little "panning for marbles"

Kara and I took a walk in the Sunflower Maze.

Where she got to pick her very own sunflower to take home.

Then we headed over to the petting zoo!
I'm not sure why Kris is so concerned about that black little goat. . .

He should be concerned about the little white goat that is eating his pants!

These pictures are hilarious.
Just look at Kara's face in each of them.

She couldn't handle it.
I guess seeing her brother be eaten had quite the effect on her.

But then we headed over to the HAY TRAMPOLINE and everything was all better!

Seriously Kale, a flip?

And as if this wasn't bad enough. . .

I turned around and saw this!

But she was the winner!
She couldn't get enough of the hay!

When it was all over I had to strip her all the way down to get all they hay off her!

Then it was finally time to head out to pick our pumpkins!
Kara did a great job getting around out there in the pumpkin patch.
All I could hear (along with everyone else) was
"I found one. I found one. I found one."

We've never been to the pumpkin patch in the evening before.
We've always gone in the morning.
It was so fun to be picking pumpkins while the sun was setting!

It was such a fun little impromptu outing.
And it was so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa with us.

And we ended the day with ice cream cones!
(since we waited until closing time and they were all sold out of their amazing cinnamon rolls)