Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm about sick of this game. . .
Here's why.
I keep losing my daughter.
She hides and hides and hides.
And thinks it's really funny.
It's not.

The first time was at Kyle's parents house.
It was night time.
It was dark.
The kids were all getting in the car and I realized I couldn't find Kara.
I'm running up the dark street trying to find her.
I searched the entire house - looking in every room. . . 
except for Grandma and Grandpa's closet which she happened to be in kneeling quietly on the floor with the lights off.
Grandma found her.
And she laughed (Kara not Grandma).

Now it's like a game to her.
When she hears me calling her - she hides.
Sometimes she doesn't even hide - she just stays where she is and doesn't make a sound.
It's killing me.
Take for example Sunday Morning. . .
I got her dressed then got distracted with one of the boys.
I needed to put her shoes on her.
I call her name.
She doesn't answer.
I'm looking all over the house.
I get panicked thinking she thought she was ready and walked out the door to go to church.
Turns out she is laying in the middle of the playroom floor just waiting to be found.
I wasn't happy.

the other day when I couldn't find her
I asked Kristopher,
"Do you know where your sister is?"
He answered,
"Oh, she's hiding in the jungle."
"Huh" I said.
"Come here mom, but be very quiet and I'll take you to our jungle."
He took my hand and led me outside to the side of our house

This time I did laugh!
Out loud in fact!
We don't need a playhouse in our yard, we've got a jungle!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Best Note Ever!

except Mom
Maybe I am valued a little more than I give myself credit for. . .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fathers and Sons

It's that time again. . .
Where we send our boys out to the woods to do a little camping!

While me and the Girl do a little Shopping!
For these BEAUTIES!
She loved them in the store.
She told me in her two year old talking that
"she had to have them!"
And she loves them even more on her feet!

She walked around the whole store telling everyone who walked by that she was "getting new shoes!"

And I'm proud of myself because after an hour of walking around Target looking at everything we walked out with just her pair of shoes!

It was fun spending some one on one time FUN time with Karalyn.
We went shopping, ate dinner on my bed watching Mickey Mouse, and even went to bed wearing her new shoes!

And just because I think she is so fun and cute,
here's some pictures of what she has been up to lately!

She is going to be the best mom someday!
She loves babies and loves to change their diaper. . .
She had fun on this particular day using every wipe out of the container!

I went in to wake her from a nap the other day to cart the boys off somewhere and this is how I found her.

She has to have her babies in bed with her. . .
And does she ever love her sippy cup!
(For my brother in law who is a dentist and for my brother who will be a dentist THE SIPPY CUP IS EMPTY!)

And I don't know what's better in this picture. . .
the hair or the look!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

This is my mother's day picture we captured right before we left for church.

At first glance I thought it was a horrible picture.

I'm slouched over like I'm old and tired (oh wait I am)!
Kristopher looks awnry!
Kale is cheesing it up!
but, Kara actually looks really cute!

Then I realized the picture actually portrays my life quite nicely.

I am a little old and tired, but I'm smiling because I wouldn't change a thing!

Kristopher is awnry sometimes, but we have a special relationship  - we have a wink that we share that's our secret way of saying I love you! Sometimes when I can tell he is frustrated or mad I give him the wink - he usually smiles for a second and then realizes he is supposed to be mad at something and goes back to being awnry!

Kale makes being a mom so easy!
(I often joke that Kristopher was born to humble me into realizing that I was not a perfect parent - Kale is just the perfect child)

And even though Kara looks perfectly content and happy in this picture - the only reason why is because she is standing next to her big brother and not next to her mother!

The more I look at that picture. The more I love it!

Since I fully believe that Mother's Day should last an entire weekend, I spent my weekend taking it back to "before we were MOM'S!"

(who knew my hair could still CRIMP like that?)

Once again we hit the roller rink,
dressed in our 80's attire,
and skated the night away!

It's nice to know we


Friday, May 7, 2010

My Kids Were Recognized

For their Accomplishments!

Received his Bear Award along with his Religious Knot!

He decided to make us all act like Bears for his CHEER!

Any chance I get to sport this outfit I am all over it!

Received the Game Ball
for making 3 outs in one game!

gets the award for most mischievious child!
(I gave her that award)
She takes these chairs through the entire house and climbs up on everything!
This particular time it was to sneak Caramel Popcorn!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Activity was a Success!

If you hadn't noticed there has been quite a few days in between my blog posts lately.
That would be because I was a little busy helping to put on an activity for all the Activity Day Girls in our stake.

It's over!
It was a complete success!
And it was so much FUN!

We had over 100 girls at the activity!

The activity centered around service.
We asked each ward to sew 3 pillowcases to donate to a local hospital.
The hospital puts them on beds of children who are having major surgeries or who have cancer and they also fit on the NICU mattresses for the little babies.

We thought we would get around 50 pillowcases.
We actually got 140 pillowcases!

The girls rotated through classes based on different aspects of service and then gathered back for lunch and a video presentation of them making all the pillowcases!

These girls are amazing!
I had so much fun!
Can't wait to do it all again next year!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We did take a Vacation over Spring Break. . .

When I say WE, I mean ME and the THREE CHILDREN!

Does that explain why it has taken me almost a month to blog about it.

A month ago I would have said I do not recommend taking three children by yourself on a 14 hour voyage,
but now that we've been home,
I've seen the pictures,
and I hear my kids talk about how much fun they had,
I say DO IT!

But follow these Do's and Don'ts of our trip!

We travelled through 3 states
California, Oregon and Washington
making our way to Astoria, Oregon
where my sister and her husband live
because their oldest daughter was baptized!

Buy your children Nintendo DS's as an early birthday present and give it to them the day of the trip!

Borrow your in-laws GPS Navigation System and become best friends with the little voice that says "turn left now"!

Freak out when you pull up to a gas pump in Oregon, reach over to grab your wallet then turn around to get out of your car and see a strange man standing at your window waiting to pump your gas because you are in Oregon.

Have a backup plan in the form of a Hotel Room just in case you really don't want to drive all 13 hours, only 6 of them!

Make sure that it has an indoor swimming pool.

This is Astoria.
A little city right on the ocean built on a hill!
Really one of the cutest cities I have ever been too.

You may know this city by this house. . .
Recognize it?
It's the house from GOONIES.
GOONIES was filmed in Astoria.

(So was Kindergarten Cop - and it just so happens that my neice actually lives across the street and attends the school that that movie was filmed in)

I feel famous!

Hope that your 2 year old stays like this for 2 more hours. Just 2 more hours!

Cross over about 12 bridges on your voyage.
(good things they don't charge tolls like around here - we would have been BROKE!)
Try to convince your kids that you can hold your breath across an entire bridge!

Make sure to visit a lighthouse.

Stay for longer than 10 minutes or the weather will turn UGLY!

Try to go to Oregon when the weather is nice. . .

But if you don't

Send your son to the beach only to be picked up by the wind and knocked into the ocean!
Luckily he didn't float away, just his flip flop's did!

Try to get pictures of all the cousins together.

Expect a perfect picture.

the same with the Brother and Sisters

Pull out the MEAN MOM LOOK while posing for a picture because it will be captured on film!

Have an amazing Easter Egg Hunt Planned for the Beach.

get mad when the pouring rain forces us to have just as amazing of an Easter Egg Hunt inside!

Have a ridiculously large amount of FOOD, FAMILY AND FUN!

If you've never done it!
Sing your heart out to Madonna's MATERIAL GIRL
with a 3 year old BOY!

And for your sake
after 6 days of being by yourself with 3 kids
and having spent hours and hours and hours in the car
encounter Mt. Shasta looking like this in the middle of APRIL!

That's what happened to us so we were forced to stay in the same hotel as on the way up. We ate the HomeTown Buffet across the street from our hotel on Easter Sunday for Dinner. Let's just say, we didn't exactly fit in with that crowd.

I should have requested the same room we stayed at the first night, but didn't (because I didn't want to make it a hassle) Our ceiling leaked when the occupants upstairs decided to take a shower. Unfortunately we didn't find out about this little problem until after midnight when my 3 children were all sleeping in one room. I was not about to wake them up to change rooms, so I just listened to water fall in a bucket and it put me right to sleep.

The next morning luckily we woke up to clear roads. So we made the last 6 hours of the drive home to find Daddy waiting for us with open arms and a clean house!

There you have it!

**And just in case you were wondering what Kyle did the entire time we were gone. He was at a work conference. In Monterey California. In a Hotel Suite overlooking a Golf Course. Eating Sea Food every night. Wishing he could be with us!