Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kody . . . 3 Months Old

Kody Dalan Jibson

3 Months Old

This past month has just been so FUN!

Kody is a giggler. . .

a smiler. . .

and has the cutest little personality ever!

My children are absolutely entertained by him!

Now that school is out and baseball is over they have discovered this little man that I've known about for the past three months.

They constantly want to be entertained by him and I love it.

He gets read to, played with, tickled, poked, prodded, laughed at, and possibly even stepped on once or twice!

And through it all I still love to cuddle this boy every chance I get!

It doesn't look like he minds at all.

Baseball season ended and this boy was a trooper through all the baseball games!

This is one of my favorite pictures from baseball season.
Grandma is holding him.
It was a night game and the lights were on and apparently it was too bright for Kody so here he is covering his face with his little hand.


The boy had to learn quickly to get naps in where and when he could.
This particular day he actually got a nap at home.
He looked so uncomfortable, yet he was getting more than a 20 minute nap and so I let him be.
He slept for 3 hours and 10 minutes like this.


These past three months have been amazing.
This little boy has been living with us for 3 months but I know has been a part of our family forever.


Kody. . . 2 Months Old

Kody Dalan Jibson

2 Months Old

Kody turned 2 months on Mother's Day.

It was during this second month that I really noticed him starting to change.
His eyes could talk to me when he looked at me and I was captivated.

I was still trying to cherish every little moment I had with him, but life was getting busier and busier all around us. We were at the ball field at least 4 nights a week and with the end of school brought papers and projects and finals, and field trips and class plays and life was busy.

And yet. . . every once in awhile I would capture a moment like this and remember that with everything going on around me I had a little miracle growing up right before my eyes.

He started to love his "tummy time"!

One of my favorite things at this point was that even at 2 months old Kody had a way of letting me know that he kinda liked me.

No matter where he was and no matter where I was if he could hear my voice he would find me.
I loved it.
Whether it was this day in his swing where he is arching his little back and neck to find me talking on the phone or if he was in someone else's arms and I was talking he would bend his little head to make sure he could see me.

i love him.

And the little boy still didn't want to miss anything.
I'm telling you he would fall asleep with one eye open almost every time.

 But he loved to be held, cuddled, and loved.
And I didn't mind one bit doing the holding, cuddling and loving!

 He also became a big fan of the Bjorn!

(I know the new trend is the sling, but this bad boy got me through 3 previous babies and I couldn't bear the thought of not giving the 4th the same opportunity)

This is my favorite time of Motherhood and I took every opportunity this time around to love it one last time!

Kody. . . 1 Day to 1 Month

Kody Dalan Jibson

1 Day Old

Even though it's only been three months, it seems like so long ago he was this little.

There was a lot of sleeping back then.

And he was always in someone's arms!

Or even better, asleep in someone's arms. . .

He had his first bath.
Which he didn't enjoy at all!

 Until he was all snuggled up tight in someone's arms again!

He spent a lot of time in the car and on the go that first month!

And by the end of the first month he was already so alert and starting to give us little smiles!
I love this picture because it captures him so perfectly.
When he was awake he didn't want to miss a thing. 
He really would go to sleep with one eye open for a while just to make sure he wasn't going to miss any fun if he went to sleep!

 I tried to cherish every moment of that 1st month.
He made it very easy.

 Kody Dalan Jibson

1 Month Old

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Leaguer . . . THEN and NOW!

Kale played his very last Little League game last week.
And it was the last time he will play a game at our Little League Field.

It got me thinking all the way back to his first Little League Game at that same field.

His team taking the field for the first time.

His team taking the field for the last time.

The "dugout back then"

The "dugout" now!
Kale was such a motivator on his team this year!

Hitting back then.

Look at him Hitting NOW!
His last game he went 4 for 4!

Back then. . .
It looks like in this picture the coach is telling Kale where home plate is.
It seems so silly now, but really we had no clue what we were doing back then. I knew the basics about baseball, but Kale had never played. We were Clueless!
Kyle was in law school and I was doing my best!
We have come a long way since then. . .
although that 3rd strike drop rule still gets me every time!

Look at Him Now!
No one needs to tell this kid where Home Plate is!

Or how to catch a pop fly. . .

Or how to field a ball to make the play!

Kale has a love for baseball that not many kids have. A true love. Not just a love for playing.
I have loved watching him play.
I have loved watching him teach his brother how to play.
I have loved watching him be an example to others out on the ball field.

He has a few baseball quotes up in his room that I love!




Thank you Charlie Richards Field for wonderful Memories over the last SIX years!