Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Once again I took on the role as
for this bunch of boys. . .

I mean who doesn't want to make a team banner,
or make sure all the boys stuff stays in its designated spot?

But mostly I do it because this KID loves to play this game!
As you can see from all these pictures!

If you ask KRIS what the HIGHLIGHT of his season was,
he won't tell you about the double he hit, or the fly balls he caught, or the out he made at first base, or his awesome trophy that he got. . .
He'll tell you he loved DUNKING HIS COACH AT THE DUNK TANK!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kale's Team

(One thing I love about Kale playing baseball is that he is always involved in the game, even when he's in the dug out he is completely invested in the game!)

Kale had a great team this year!
We as "fans" had fun watching every game!
Kale was one of the younger players on his team, and got drafted up from "Single A" last year to "Triple A" this year, so he started out the season in Center Field. . .

Where he made some amazing catches. . .
One time when he squared up under the ball and made the catch I looked over at the coaches and I heard one of them say,
"He's Money"!

But by the end of the season he had proved himself and was the teams starting 2nd baseman!

I've said it before but

And we ended the season with
a cracked batting helmet,
cleats that are going in the trash,
white pants that will never be white again,
a hole in the bottom of his baseball bag from being dragged around for so many seasons now,
and new found space in the back of the van where all the baseball gear was stored for 3 months!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to Baseball

If you are the parent of a little leaguer (is that even a word?)

Then you know the phrase. . .


very well.

Every parent shouts it as their child is looking at the airplane flying overhead, or waving to their friend who happens to be on the opposing team, or kicking the dirt into a big pile then picking said pile of dirt up throwing it into the air. . .

You've been there right?

Well, I don't know if I've been there lately. . .

Look at these two!

Every picture I took of Kris this year looked similar to this!
Every time.

And all because. . .
he had an amazing teacher!

Stay tuned for highlights from each of their seasons!

Monday, June 21, 2010


was yesterday. . .
I know.

But I had to give a talk. . .
and was really nervous. . .
but it's done. . .
and now I can relax!
These three are sure lucky to have you as their dad!
Just in case in all my nervousness I forgot to tell you that!

Our Own Little US OPEN

Except we weren't at Pebble Beach
(although we are only about 2.5 hours from Pebble Beach)

We were at GOLF LAND!
I couldn't get this girl to leave the CASTLE!

Kale was pretty competitive
(which isn't usually like him. . .but it was funny)

Kris was a little sneaky.
He went first on most shots.
And while the rest of us were still hitting our first shot,
he's down on the "green" hitting his ball in the hole with about 10 shots,
where he would emerge up top and explain

Kyle was as meticulous as ever.
Lining up each shot.
Hitting with precision!

Karalyn was having a blast throwing the balls!
(too bad I don't have a picture of when she walked right up to Kale's ball, picked it up, turned around and threw it right in the fountain!)

Dad was the WINNER!
(by one stroke under me)

Which I don't know how fair exactly that is because I had a little help along the course at each hole with my very own "caddy"!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rivercats Little League Day!

I can pretty much sum up baseball season this year with one picture. . .
It was an absolutely rainy season.
We've never had so many rain out games,
and the same can be said for Rivercats Day this year!

In fact, when we pulled into the parking lot we had to stay in our car for a good 15 minutes while rain poured down all around us.
There was a split second where we thought we should abandon the entire idea!
But we braved it, bought a few umbrellas, and geared up for a good time!

Most of the game we spent snuggled up. . .

But we did brave the parade where the players walk around the field!

The cold weather must have affected my husband's picture taking ability because these pictures are really bad!

Here are the brave souls from Kris's team that decided to show up!

And that's Kale. Not letting the weather get his spirits down.
(Actually the weather cleared up for the parade)

The kids ventured out of the blankets for brief moments until they realized it was too cold!

Even Kris thought it was worth it to get out from under the blanket to try to catch a foul ball!
We may not have been prepared for the rain, but you can't say I didn't bring enough PEANUTS!

This is Kris under the blanket. He spent 90% of the game under there.

I thought he might be asleep, but when I called his name he peeked out and turns out. . .

He's doing what your supposed to do at a baseball game!

And even though we had every intention of leaving early, we actually made it until the bitter end and watched the fireworks after the game.

Last year I complained that it was too blazing hot. . .
This year I am complaining that it was too blasted cold. . .
Next year it should be perfect weather!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rivalry Is OVER. . .

At the beginning of the season. . .
Kris got the phone call from his coach letting us know he was on

Kale was on the Yankees when he was Kris's age. . .
so Kyle had adjusted to having Yankee apparel in our home. . .

But. . . when Kale got the call from his coach letting him know he was on

That was the last straw for Kyle.

If there is anything worse than a Yankee player. . .
it's a Dodger player!

But that's what we had all season long. . .
A Dodger and A Yankee!

Now that the season is over
Kale insists on keeping his hat,
but Kyle insists that he burn his jersey!

Baseball is over!
Stay tuned for a million baseball posts!

Friday, June 11, 2010

What did we do the day school got out?

I know some people play and celebrate summer vacation!

But before we could do any of that we had to get a little organized!
And I have a system.

See all these papers. . .

They all came from here.
My filing cabinet in my kitchen.

Each day (or end of the week) when my kids bring home the mountains and mountains of paperwork and schoolwork. 
I go through it right away.
Some goes right in the trash,
but if I'm not sure if I want to keep it or if I know I want to keep it, it goes in the filing cabinet. Each child has a folder.
And there it sits. . .
until the end of the year. . .
when we get to go through it and the kids decide what they want to keep.

The only catch. . .

They can keep as much as they want as long as they can get it to fit in one of these bad boys!
Each child has one per year and it has to keep every memory they made from that year!

So what do you do if it won't fit?

Well, we take pictures of course.
I mean as cute as this valentine dog is,
I am not keeping it for the next 15 years!

So when they come home with projects galore I ask. . .
"Will it fit in the folder"
Then they know it's time to pose for a picture!
I then put the pictures in a separate folder and then at the end of the year I print all the pictures from that folder and stick them in the binder!

And that's what we do on the last day of school!