Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"We had some Birthdays. . . Shout Hooray!"

Happy Birthday to my MAN!

Kyle shares a birthday with Mr. Lincoln.
The county gives all its employees Mr. Lincoln's birthday off.
So every year my husband has his birthday to do whatever he wants. . .

Usually he wants to go to lunch. . .
This year he wanted to go to the GYM. . . with ME!
I couldn't say no. . . It was his BIRTHDAY!

NEXT. . . we celebrated this little (big) girl turning 5!

All she asked for was a PURPLE PARTY, and a PINK BOOSTER SEAT!
(for the first and probably last time in her life I was able to give her everything she wanted!)

We also threw a Birthday Lunch Date with Dad in on her birthday!

And we met up with her Birthday Twin . . .

For a cupcake treat on their birthday!

Karalyn had to wait until 8:00 that night (after Scouts and Mutual) to open her presents and she waited so patiently!

Here she is opening that Booster Seat she wanted!

And she couldn't have been happier!

We also threw in a "Doc McStuffins doctor suit". . .

and. . .
a Barbie Princess with

Purple Cake. . .check
Purple Float. . . check
Perfect Purple Day. . . check

Then. . .almost 2 weeks later. . .
these two had a PARTY!

A Princess Breakfast Tea Party!

Complete with Crafts. . .

They couldn't have been more happy!


 And finally. . . after everyone had left the party. . .
these two (along with their mommies)

Headed out to

Perfect way to Celebrate this girl of mine turning 5!

And then. . . my baby decided to turn 1!
(Here are all those pictures of him each month with his little dog)

 He found the ribbons on his first present and wanted nothing to do with anything else!

 Even the baby book that mom put together for him. . .

But then we captured his attention with a big old box wrapped in a lot of paper!
(You know how this kid loves paper)

Then it was cake time!

At first he just dabbled. . .

Then got a little braver. . .

Until, BAM. . .
The whole face goes in the cake!

 It was all business after that!


"We want to sing to you today. . . One year older and Wiser too!