Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is summer really over????

I was in denial. . .
over a lot of things. . .
One, that this was our last weekend of summer vacation.
Two, that we had not been to a beach all summer.
Three, that our "beach house" vacation was no longer an annual event and that we have to wait a whole entire year until we go again!

Four, that it was going to be 110 degrees in Sacramento!

So, we ditched the heat and headed to the BEACH!

(along with the million other families that decided to head to cooler weather too)

I couldn't believe that in all the years we have lived here we had never taken the kids to
Half Moon Bay before.
We won't be making that same mistake!
It was the perfect day!
Overcast, and a little foggy but not windy!

Seriously, one afternoon and we needed all this stuff!
(you can't even see me who as usual carries the most stuff!)

But, totally worth it!
As soon as we set our stuff down in the sand, the boys were off.

And after a little while of fascination with feeding the birds. . .

And a little convincing by dad. . .
she was in the water and loving it!

First on the agenda was sandcastle building. . .

That didn't last long for this one.

He saw the kids next to him digging a gigantic hole and he decided he could dig one as well!

She loved that I showed her she could draw with her fingers on the castle!

We ate. . .

Played in the water more!

Played some Frisbee. . .

Tried to get DAD in the water. . .

Made Karalyn into a Mermaid. . .

Did some handstands. . .

 Ate some sand. . .

Had some sand wars. . .

 And posed for pictures for MOM!

We outlasted almost everyone that day at the beach. . .
We watched the sun set. . .
and then packed it for home!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The night I met Brad Paisley. . .

So. . .
I won tickets to the Brad Paisley Concert.
The Radio Station was having a contest on their facebook page to see who could submit the "best" family picture. I didn't even know it was a contest at the time, but couldn't resist showing off my family!


After realizing it was a contest and that I had one,
this man and I set out in our truck, and with my cowboy hat,
to see the One and Only Brad Paisley!

When we got there we found out our tickets came with one of these!
Back Stage Passes to MEET BRAD!

I love this picture.
Kyle does not.

At first Kyle felt a little out of place. . .
(he knew who Brad Paisley was (only because he knows who is wife is), but couldn't tell me one song he sang). . .
but by the end of the night he was up out of his seat rockin' the night away with me!

The show was AMAZING!
The Band Perry opened for Brad and did an Amazing Job!

(I'm not gonna even pretend we had seats this close - These picture are from the radio station facebook page)

And there is a reason this guy has won Entertainer of the Year so many years!
The show was FANTASTIC!

 And though it was short and sweet, the highlight of the night was meeting him in Person!

It was such a fun DATE NIGHT, and a great way to keep my mind off the fact that this was the first time I had left my babies side for more than an hour!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Fifteen Years Ago. . .
We got Married!

So when we were in Utah a few weeks ago we stopped by "our temple"
and "I" thought it would be fun to recreate the above picture.

Obviously it had been awhile since I had seen the picture.
I'm obviously on the wrong side,
and why did I think we were kissing????
BUT, I was wearing white!

It was fun to remember back to that day 15 years ago when we were standing together on that same patch of grass looking up at the beautiful temple and taking in that we had just married one another for FOREVER!

And while I was reflecting on that day, my 12 year old son after taking the picture says to his dad "Dad, that was a pretty weak kiss". . .

My husband of 15 years gave me a better KISS!

(is this totally inappropriate on temple grounds?)

I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me.
Love isn't mushy for Kyle and I.
We don't need to hold hands in public and I don't need him to put his arm around me every time we sit next to each other. . . I feel completely comfortable and safe around him, and yet he still makes me a little weak in the knees when he comes in the room and smiles at me!

When Kyle and I were dating we had an English class together and in that class we read and studied Shakespears King Lear!

From that play there is one phrase that has kinda been our "theme song" if you will, because we don't have one of those. . .

"He is half part of a blessed man, 
left to be finished by such as she. 
And she a fair divided excellence 
whose fullness of perfection lies in him."

Happy Anniversary to US!

Monday, August 13, 2012

San Fran Fun!

We did it again. . .
We braved the CITY with all these kiddos. . .
and loved every second of it!

Especially the "crazy" bus rides we took!

We try to do different things each year and on this year's agenda was


Never been there. I must say, we picked a beautiful day!
The kids had a blast pointing out all the landmarks in the city they could see from that high up!

Also on our agenda this year was 

I didn't realize the kids would actually enjoy it so much.
They were fascinated by it!

And you can't spend the day in China town and not have Chinese Food for lunch!

Below is what my children each picked out to remember China Town. . .

Kale - a diablo (a chinese yo yo)
Kris - a sword (shocking)
Karalyn - a  "princess" fan (as she referred to it the rest of the day)

And along with the
we still like to do the things we love to do in the city. . .

which of course means. . .
Sundaes at Ghiradelli Square!

And getting a picture of Kara in front of her cupcake shop!
(I just couldn't choose which one was cuter - once in a while she makes it fun to take her picture!)

And visiting PIER 39. . .
and while the sea lions left a little to be desired this year. . .

Kristopher managed to find himself up on stage for some PIER 39 entertainment!
Wanna know how he was chosen?
They said they needed a volunteer and the first kid they saw "hit" their parent could come up and help.
Kris not only hit me but jumped over Kale to get to me first and that did not go unnoticed by the performers!
It makes me proud!

And the kids were not going to let us leave the city this year without playing at the PARK!

Kody took his 1st ride on the swings. Not bad to have your first ride be at GOLDEN GATE PARK!

The kids love the Hotel that we found because the outdoor heated pool is the best!

And I'm not gonna lie I was pretty proud of myself for getting 4 kids asleep in one room by myself by 10:00 pm!

So. . .
San Francisco. . .

Once again we came and showed our GIANTS pride!

And we can't wait until next year when we get to come again and explore even more new things!

With this awesome bunch of kids!

 And a special Happy Birthday to this cute girl who wanted to spend her birthday in no other place than