Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today was my Due Date. . .

How Glad I Am That We Are On Day 9 and Not Day 1!

Kody Dalan Jibson
March 13, 2012
8:49 am
8 lbs 3 oz
20 1/2 inches

I won't go into detail about the birth.
It's special to me.
I labored longer than my others which was unexpected, but that's what happens when your baby is breech inside of you for so long.
It wasn't a hard labor.
Maybe because I knew it would be my last I wasn't focusing on the pain.
I did get an epidural.
I struggled with that one (not because I enjoy pain) I just don't like what epidurals do to my body.
But, I was so tired of being in pain with all the gall bladder issues I had had for the past month.

I was sad thinking I wasn't going to be able to "feel" any of the birth with an epidural,
but because my labor was so long the epidural effects were wearing off in time for the actual birth and I did get to feel everything perfectly!

I had the most amazing team of midwives by my side.
I got to choose when to push according to how I felt.
I felt so in control.
And I loved it.
I remember knowing exactly what push would be my last and I thought to myself . . .
I will never be pregnant again.
And it was OK.
It was quiet in the room through that last push.
I think everyone else knew it would be the last push too.
And then he cried.
And I did too.

Here I am meeting him for the first time.

My Boys!

Loved my one on one time in the hospital!

When we were trying to choose a name I had always loved the name Kody. We went to Apple Hill while I was pregnant and had just found out we were having a boy. We walked past a car and a man yelled "come on Kody" and out jumped the cutest dog ever!

It's been a little joke ever since!
Grandma got him this little stuffed dog!

One Day Old!
You know you are in love when after the 2:30 am feeding you lay your baby back down to sleep and risk waking him back up by taking a picture because you can't handle how cute he is!

What a life. . .

But reality check. . .

He's not always happy!

so happy he's here!
We love Him!

p.s. On a side note. He lost his cord today. Fun! On his due date!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Before we "slide" into baseball season,
which believe me we have already started. . .

I needed to document BASKETBALL season!

These two played a 6 week season this year and loved it!
(I did not however love the hard bleachers)!

And Kristopher got to go to his very first NBA Basketball Game with his Dad!
Go Jimmer!

And speaking of Basketball. . .
I guess now that the season is over we needed a place to store the basketball!

37 weeks and counting. . .

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feel The Love

With a little

With baseball starting, and mom being a little less than on top of things lately,
it was so nice to come together as a family for our Valentines Tradition!

I LOVE Him. . .
for taking over as "mom" for the past few weeks as well as still being the best "dad" any kid could ever want!

I LOVE Him. . .
for really stepping up as the Biggest Brother and really helping out,
whether it's reading to his sister as night (which she loves) or getting the kids breakfast in the morning while I'm trying to pull myself out of bed he has really stepped up the big brother duties!

I LOVE Him. . .
for being HIM!
He brings smiles to my face every day and I love how independent he is.
And his HUGS are the best! When he feels like giving them out!

I LOVE Her. . .
For her spunky, quirky, personality.
I love the Princess Power she brings to a house full of boys!

Most of all. . .
I love this TRADITION!!!